Rekey Locks

We are the company to contact if you like to rekey locks in Brampton, Ontario. Aren’t you sure of whether you need the locks rekeyed or changed? It has to do with the nature of the problem; the lock’s condition too. To make things clear, let us ask: is the lock in question in good shape? If not, it must be replaced. If it’s absolutely fine and you still worry about your security, there’s likely a problem with the key. And that’s the core of this service: key change.

Let us help you decide if you must rekey locks in Brampton

Rekey Locks Brampton

When you are confused and don’t know whether or not you need to rekey locks, Brampton’s most devoted team will be around and ready to assist. Let us make things clear for you. Now that we have established that it’s good to change locks when they are damaged, let us focus on rekeying locks.

This service is usually necessary when the problem is with the key – it’s lost, stolen, or found in the wrong hands. What if we told you that you can forget about this key and get a brand-new key for the door in question without changing the lock! That’s what lock rekey is all about.

How it works? The appointed Brampton locksmith changes the pins of the lock and their configuration, and makes keys which match this new lock pin configuration. This way, the stolen key is useless – hence, nobody can use it to enter your home or office. You get peace of mind, use a new key, and don’t pay much since rekeying locks is much cheaper than replacing locks.

Do you need a lock rekeyed now? Don’t wait. Let us send you a locksmith in a truck equipped with the necessary tools and the key replacement variations needed to do the job. All you need to do is call Brampton Locksmith.

Rekeying locks is necessary if you want a master key lock system too

Do you want the locks rekeyed for another reason? No problem. Let’s say that you want an office master key system. Or a similar system but for a residential building. In such cases, we send locksmiths to set the right design based on your security and convenience needs. We do the same – and do so fast, if you want one key for all doors at your private home too. All locks are configured to work with the same key and so you don’t have to carry a lot of keys with you. Tell us what you need. To schedule a service or to urgently book a pro to rekey locks in Brampton?